Business Consultant Services

Digital & Social Media Marketing


We are experts in Digital & Social Media Marketing, as well as traditional Sales & Marketing methods. Long gone are the days of advertising in the Yellow Pages, local newspapers, or the local radio station. Today it is imperative your business has an excellent and frequently updated website, that maximises  SEO. Additionally you need to consider Google Ad campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other emerging platforms to ensure your business obtains maximum exposure. It is important to have a cohesive and integrated strategy across these platforms, and at djrconsultants we will implement and manage the complete process for you.

Website Creation/E-Commerce


Whether your business requires a simple static website, or a fully functioning E-Commerce solution, djrconsultants will provide a best of breed solution for you

Sales & Marketing


djrconsultants has 30 yrs experience in Sales & Marketing. We will work with you to develop marketing strategies, promotions & campaigns, all geared to increase your traffic and sales. We can review all of your exisiting sales processes and provide training and assistance to ensure a greater success rate in closing sales.

Business Health Check


Let djrconsultants perform a business health check for you. We will review all aspects of your business and identify the areas  where we believe there are issues that need addressing and where improvements can be made. 

Business Sale/Retirement Planning


If you are considering the sale of your your business, or planning for retirement, then let djrconsultants work with you to achieve the best possible result.



Human Resources and Operational Health & Safety are extremely important and complex aspects for any business today. These areas can be minefields for smaller businesses and djrconsultants can offer a number of services to ensure compliance. 


Information Technology (IT)


djrconsultants has a comprehensive understanding of IT systems. Utilising IT systems to manage stock control, accounts, logistics, servicing, CRM is an essential tool for the modern business. We can provide a range of services to assist you with your internal IT requirements, from selection through to implementation

Business Funding


djrconsultants can provide expert advice on business funding, ranging from cashflow management through to government grants. It is very common for businesses of every size to require funding at various stages of their lifecycle and understanding the options available and the best approach can be a complex challenge.  

Affiliate Marketing


A great opportunity that's often missed by many businesses is affiliate marketing. This is where we find strategic partners to promote your business through their exisiting platforms (websites etc). In many industries there is a great deal of synergy between non-competing business and this creates a tremendous opportunity to create partnerships for mutual benefit. djrconsultants has experience in establishing and maintaining affiliate marketing schemes.

Public/Media Relations


A highly effective and cost efficient method to grow and promote your business is via public/media relations. At djrconsultants we can provide an editorial service and have established relationships with numerous media outlets. These outlets are always looking for current and informative stories, which can provide free marketing and brand building for your business.

Contract Negotiation


Every business will be required to enter into a number of contracts, ranging from premise leases to employment contracts, through to supplier/customer agreements. This can often be a legal minefield and at djrconsultants we can offer commercial and legal assistance to ensure an outcome that is good for all parties.